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Plug In to Our Network

Plug in To Our Network

Wholesale VoIP Termination and DID Origination services via SIP optimized for call center dialers. Calls per Second (CPS) supported in the 1000s and channel / ports are virtually unlimited. Minimal post dial delay (PDD) will keep your calls connecting lightning quick and agents as productive as possible. We provide both conversational and dialer termination to anywhere in the world A-Z with a focus on USA, Canada, China and South America. We compliment our own network points of presence (PoPs) with mature peering agreements with multiple Tier 1-2 carriers for domestic and international PSTN access, allowing us to provide unparalleled reliability, quality and custom pricing for wholesale sip termination and origination services. Nearing 10 years of providing exceptional telecom services for our clients’ application requirements including but not limited to: dialer termination, call broadcasting, voice notifications, press 1 campaigns, national polling, calling cards, Class 5 PBX Trunks. Try us free!