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Wholesale Voip Termination

Wholesale SIP/VOIP Termination

Dialer and conversational wholesale SIP termination service runs your voice call traffic over a converged IP network connecting directly to the PSTN and eliminates the need for PRIs thereby vastly reducing your costs.

VoIPInvite specializes in dialer termination over the past decade and our network is designed for VoIP termination to receive and deliver ultra high calls per second with no network delays. Calls will complete with industry leading post dial delay (PDD) and answer seizure ratio (ASR) stats, enabling call centers of all sizes to keep their agents as productive as possible.

Having a network designed from the get go to be able to handle large call volumes enables us not to have any short call termination or short call threshold penalties like most carriers do. Our dialer termination clients have unlimited channels capacity and trunk calls per second in excess of 1000. Short call sip termination services is billed at a minimum of 6 seconds and in increments of 6 seconds thereafter by default for VoIP termination and per second configurations may be requested as per client application needs.

VoIPInvite has routes in excess of 180,000+ covering USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and other US territories starting from as low as $0.0007 per minute. We are serious about delivering Land line / TDM quality wholesale sip termination to PSTN service at a fraction of traditional legacy telephony costs for our clients and creating a win win situation to cement long term partnerships.

A-Z International Dialer Termination Capability

Our ever expanding international partnerships allow us to carry your dialer termination voice traffic to all international locations with a particular foot print and focus on USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, China (Dual DTMF China CC service), Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Colombia, UK, Australia

Why Peer With VoIPInvite Inc ?

  • We are an enhanced wholesale VoIP termination service provider since 2006 with a particular focus on delivering high calls per second sip termination trunks for dialer broadcast applications and our robust network allows us to accept this call volume without any need for penalty clauses in our contracts.

  • Multiple route paths for each of the 180,000+ npa nxx area codes in the USA along with multiple PoPs allow us to operate at 100% uptimes month after month with an SLA commitment to achieve 99.99% uptime.

  • 1000s of calls per second (CPS) capacity and unlimited channels enabling fast connections for dialer termination applications

  • Extensive and ever growing coverage and continuously competitive pricing will keep your costs low year after year. Case by case pricing and customization options to fit into clients broadcast and lead generation campaign to hit the cost and penetration sweet spot. Our npa nxx routing deck maybe capped at any price level as per client request. Any Flat rate option may be chosen and we will endeavor to provide the maximum coverage possible

  • We never compromise on voice quality. TDM / Land Line grade quality maintained throughout our network and partnerships. 24×7 NOC monitoring and trouble tickets

  • Multiple accounts per dialer campaign with segregated billing options

  • Daily billing summary to keep costs in line with clients’ business model

  • We take great pride in our philosophy that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This runs through our entire wholesale VoIP Termination network reducing complications and lead times for trouble resolutions. We are easy to deal with, give us a call, sign up and be up and running in under 24 hrs.

Client Reviews

Bruce M. Thomas
My overhead costs were reduced and i experienced a significant difference in revenue stream. Thumbs up for Wholesale VoIP/SIP Termination services by VoIPInvite
Wholesale VoIP/SIP Dialer Termination
Date published: 01/11/2015
4.5 / 5.0 stars